DE RAS Table

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Aside from Brian Johnston, a former Chiefs 7th round pick who did little in the NFL, you’ve got a pretty strong list of pass rushers at the top of the RAS rankings. A ton of first round picks at DE were elite pass rushers and a large chunk of the top sack artists each year in the NFL.

Brian Johnston20081010
Myles Garrett20179.999.99
Mario Williams20069.9810
Kyle Vanden Bosch20019.9710
Jevon Kearse19999.9610
Bryan Thomas20029.959.91
Margus Hunt20139.949.93
Trevor Scott20089.939.88
Shawne Merriman20059.929.9
Danielle Hunter20159.919.89
John Frank20009.899.97
Vic Beasley20159.889.87
Jordan Willis20179.879.87
Travis LaBoy20049.869.87
Mike Mamula19959.8510
Jamaal Anderson20079.849.87
Glenn Foster20139.839.82

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