DT RAS Table

View the entire #RAS DT table from 1999-present, from top to bottom!


There aren’t a lot of top NFL Defensive Tackles at the top of this list, though a large number of great interior rushers posted great RAS. One name you might not recognize off the top of your head is Joe Anoa’i. The former defensive tackle didn’t do anything notable in the NFL, but a guy who could post a 9.90 RAS at DT would join the WWE as Roman Reigns. I hear he’s done alright by himself there.

Player Name Year RAS DYRAS
Lawrence Okoye 2013 10 10
Igor Olshansky 2004 9.99 10
Justin Zimmer 2016 9.98 9.99
Markus Kuhn 2012 9.97 9.98
Jason Shirley 2008 9.95 10
Luis Castillo 2005 9.94 9.97
Vaughn Martin 2009 9.93 9.94
Mike Martin 2012 9.92 9.91
Kendall Reyes 2012 9.91 9.9
Joe Anoa’i 2007 9.9 9.95
Derek Wolfe 2012 9.89 9.86
Brodrick Bunkley 2006 9.88 9.95
Barry Cofield 2006 9.86 9.9
Robert Nkemdiche

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