LB RAS Table

LB #RAS from 1987-present, Manny Lawson, Luke Kuechly, and Von Miller at the top.


One of the largest position groups in the RAS database, it is even more impressive when you see someone like Luke Kuechly or Von Miller, or Manny Lawson at the top of the RAS ratings all time. They’re being compared not only to the best at the position, but the best at a position known for having some of the best athletes of the past few decades.

Player NameYearRASDYRAS
Manny Lawson20061010
Raonall Smith20029.9910
Luke Kuechly20129.9910
Zak DeOssie20079.989.97
Von Miller20119.979.97
Bruce Irvin20129.979.95
Paul Worrilow20139.969.94
Jason Williams20099.959.91
Martez Wilson20119.949.93
Stephone Anthony20159.949.91
John Chick20069.939.94
Brian Urlacher20009.9210
Stanford Keglar20089.929.92
T.J. Watt20179.919.91
Scott Fujita20029.99.96
Miles Burris2012

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