OC RAS Table

OC #RAS from 1987-present, a shaky correlation with success, but if you like them athletic…


Below is a table containing the entire RAS database for offensive centers, ordered from the highest RAS of 10.00, former Baltimore Ravens 2006 2nd round pick Chris Chester, through the very lowest. Center hasn’t been shown to have the same correlation to NFL success and athletic measurements as the other offensive line positions, suggesting that there is more to the position from a mental level than physical one, but depending on team and scheme you have some who simply favor more athletic linemen.

Player Name Year RAS DYRAS
Chris Chester 2006 10 10
Will Montgomery 2006 9.97 9.89
Jake Brendel 2016 9.95 9.94
Rob Hunt 2005 9.92 9.94
Justin Burroughs 1999 9.89 10
Eric Kush 2013 9.87 9.89
Spencer Pulley 2016 9.84 9.83
Roberto Garza 2001 9.81 9.93
Blake Schlueter 2009 9.78 9.81
Bill Nagy 2011 9.76 9.79
Dominic Raiola 2001 9.73 9.86
Seth McKinney 2002 9.7 9.93
Scott Jackson

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