OT RAS Table

OT #RAS from 1987-present, including several hall of fame worthy elite athletes like Jon Ogden


It probably won’t surprise anyone that highly touted players like Taylor Lewan, Joe Staley, and Robert Gallery once held the prestigious 10.00 RAS (Lewan still holds it), but would you have guessed former 7th rounder Lydon Murtha rates as high? Hall of famer Jonathan Ogden of course rates highly, as does future hall of famers Joe Thomas and Jason Peters. There aren’t many outliers at offensive tackle as the best ones tend to be the best athletes, but they stand out when they find success.

Player Name Year RAS DYRAS
Taylor Lewan 2014 10 10
Jared Veldheer 2010 9.99 10
Lydon Murtha 2009 9.98 10
Brian Mihalik 2015 9.97 9.96
Sebastian Vollmer 2009 9.95 9.98
Lane Johnson 2013 9.94 9.96
Joe Staley 2007 9.93 10
Robert Gallery 2004 9.92 10
Winston Justice 2006 9.91 9.98
Nate Solder 2011 9.9 9.9
Jared Gaither 2007 9.89 9.89
Ryan Diem 2001 9.88 10

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