RB RAS Table

RB #RAS from 1987-present, Justin Fargas leads 4 of the top 5 as having been 1k rushers


In the top five for RB RAS going back to 1987 we have four 1,000 yard rushers. Justin Fargas wasn’t able to last very long in the NFL due to injuries, but made his mark with the Raiders while he was there. It sucks that we don’t have hall of famer Emmitt smith, and Barry Sanders’ score has a very important asterisk, but we still have Edgerrin James nearly topping the list along with elite scores for LaDainian Tomlinson and Adrian Peterson.

Player Name Year RAS DYRAS
Justin Fargas 2003 10 10
Jackie Battle 2007 9.99 9.98
Edgerrin James 1999 9.98 10
James Stewart 1995 9.97 10
Deuce McAllister 2001 9.96 9.97
Michael Cox 2013 9.95 9.93
Chris Darkins 1996 9.94 9.96
Ryan McCants 2012 9.93 9.91
Jonathan Stewart 2008 9.92 9.89
Curtis Keaton 2000 9.91 9.92
Anthony Allen 2011 9.9 9.91
Chris Henry 2007 9.89 9.87
Latavius Murray 2013

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