TE RAS Table

TE #RAS from 1987-present, so many elite athletes, is your favorite among them?


No position has seen more evolution in the NFL over the past three decades than tight end, and it’s very clear when looking at the draft year RAS of players like Tony Gonzalez. So many players were elite in their day, but wouldn’t stack up against the athletic freaks that come out of college nowadays. The top dog here is former Jets first rounder Anthony Becht, but you’ll find a whole list of great tight ends among the elite athletes here with very few outliers. More than perhaps any other position, elite athletes win at tight ends.

Player Name Year RAS DYRAS
Anthony Becht 2000 10 10
Jordan Cameron 2011 9.99 10
Vernon Davis 2006 9.97 9.94
Luke Willson 2013 9.96 9.9
Mickey Shuler 2010 9.94 9.95
James Hanna 2012 9.93 9.94
Brad Cottam 2008 9.91 9.95
Kevin Brock 2009 9.9 9.9
Coby Fleener 2012 9.88 9.77
Rob Housler 2011

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