WR RAS Table

WR #RAS from 1987-present, A pair of Johnsons near the top but many other great outliers


We now have all RAS and draft year RAS for 31 years of receivers. It is ordered from the highest RAS of 10.00, recently retired Detroit Lion and future hall of famer Calvin Johnson, through the very lowest. Future hall of famer Andre Johnson isn’t far behind, and that’s just scratching the surface since there’s more than 1,000 receivers in the RAS database.

Player NameYearRASDYRAS
Calvin Johnson20071010
Matt Jones20059.9910
Joe Webb20109.999.99
Andre Johnson20039.989.98
Moritz Boehringer20169.989.98
Javon Walker20029.9710
Vincent Jackson20059.969.97
Breshad Perriman20159.969.95
Roy Hall20079.959.93
Sam McGuffie20139.949.93
Jeff Janis20149.949.94
Scott Long20109.939.92
Cody Latimer20149.939.93
Julio Jones20119.929.91
Braylon Edwards20059.919.94
Tyrell Williams20159.919.89
Chad Jackson

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