RAS Metrics Download

It’s finally here! RAS Metrics is now in open Beta Testing.

After more than five years of research, countless hours of data entry and verification, and several hundred hours of coding and testing, we are able to provide RAS Metrics for Windows!  This program is free for all to use, though like any creator we ask for proper attribution if anything is used for publication or profit.

The program is only usable on Windows at this time, and given the proximity to the NFL Combine we will not be able to expand that to Mac or mobile at this time. The plan is to get through this draft period and then expand the desktop application to the Mac marketplace. The desktop tool is and will remain free in it’s current form. I plan on expanding this application to mobile devices by 2019 and with it expanded functionality for both casual fans and the hardcore draftnik.

In it’s current form, RAS will allow you to review player measurements and scores from 1987 until 2018, and it will be updated almost daily throughout the 2018 draft period. Updates are currently manually done, but that should be corrected by the time it’s out of beta. RAS will also allow you to project player measurements based on the projected 40 calculation for speed and the median score at the player’s position and relative size for other scores. You can also create your own custom cards, edit existing cards with your own what if scenarios, and other features as you dive into it.

I sincerely hope you enjoy this tool and hope it furthers your own draft evaluation skills.

Cost: Free!

I’m not charging for the tool and hope to never do so on the desktop. It’s taken a considerable amount of time and effort to put this together, and I will certainly welcome any donations to my PayPal so I can continue to provide player measurements from both combine and pro day for as long as you maniacs are still interested in this information. I will likely end up donating most of what is offered, but will use some of it to keep this project moving forward.


You’ve read all of my victory lap above, or at least skimmed past it, so here’s the bit you’re looking for:

RAS Metrics

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