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Name Pos. College Draft Year Draft Round Draft Pick Draft Team All-Time RAS RAS
Mark Sprague PK Abilene Christian 2011
Will Batson PK North Alabama 2010
Matt DiLallo PK Colorado 2010
John Thoma PK Ohio State 2010
Sam Glusman PK Troy 2010
Nico Grasu PK Washington State 2011
Justin Kahut PK Oregon State 2011
Gareth Rowlands PK Tusculum 2011
Nathan Whitaker PK Oklahoma State 2011
James Aho PK New Mexico 2012
Alan Gendreau PK Middle Tennessee State 2012
Mike Larsson PK Liberty 2012
Will Snyderwine PK Duke 2012
Michael Taylor PK Troy 2012
San San Te PK Rutgers 2012
Phillip Welch PK Wisconsin 2012
Freddy Cortez PK Kent State 2013
Everett Goldberg PK Norfolk State 2013
Allen Hardison PK Nevada 2013
David Harman PK Central Michigan 2013
Jimmy Newman PK Wake Forest 2013
Zach Ramirez PK Portland State 2013
Wesley Skiffington PK Stony Brook 2013
Taylor Groff PK East Stroudsburg 2014
Cody Journell PK Virginia Tech 2014
Joe Mansour PK Kentucky 2014
Michael Palardy PK Tennessee 2014
Nick Tausch PK Notre Dame 2014
Griffin Thomas PK Jacksonville State 2014
Kyle Brindza PK Notre Dame 2015
Adam Keller PK North Dakota State 2015
Thomas Kinney PK Southern Illinois 2015
James Langford PK California 2015
Justin Syrovatka PK South Dakota State 2015
Marshall Koehn PK Iowa 2016
Daniel Sobolewski PK Albright 2016
Blake Brewer PK Charlotte 2017
Jonathan Gonzalez PK Portland State 2017
Ben Grogan PK Oklahoma State 2017
Jay Mattox PK UTEP 2017
Sam Sloman PK Miami OH 2020 7 248 Rams
Daylon Charlot WR Kansas 2020
Alijah Halliburton SS Wyoming 2020
Brandon Wright PK Georgia State 2020
Dylan Kelly-Romero PK New Mexico 2020
Matt Ammendola PK Oklahoma State 2020
Malik Haynes DT Southern Illinois 2020
Tuvone Clark DE Illinois State 2020
Calvin Jordan CB Benedictine 2020
Darnell Harris Jr. LB McKendree 2020
Dion Earls WR Ferris State 2020

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