2020 NFL Combine Measurements

The 2020 NFL Combine has kicked off and we're tracking all of the results here.


RAS Metrics Download

Cost: Free! I'm not charging for the tool and hope to never do so on the desktop. It's taken a considerable amount of time and effort to put this together, and I will certainly welcome any donations to my PayPal so I can continue to provide player measurements from both combine and pro day for … Continue reading RAS Metrics Download

WR Measurements Table

One of the most populated positions in the draft is wide receiver. It's no secret why, everyone wants to be the guy getting all the touchdowns and it's a passing league in college as well as the pros. Calvin Johnson took his spot at the top of this position in terms of athletic ability and … Continue reading WR Measurements Table

TE Measurements Table

More than any other position, tight end has shown a strong correlation between success in the NFL and good measurements. In fact, no first round pick at tight end has measured below average for RAS and only a small handful of pro bowlers has. Guys like Jimmy Graham, Vernon Davis, and of course Rob Gronkowski … Continue reading TE Measurements Table

SS Measurements Table

Strong Safety is one of those positions that you expect would be very closely tied to athletic measurements. Much in the same way that free safety is not, however, there doesn't appear to be a correlation based on the data I have and this position. At least not a strong correlation. Player Name Pos Year … Continue reading SS Measurements Table

RB Measurements Table

Running back is a position that has some of the biggest outliers. The Falcons and Patriots face off in the Super Bowl with two starting RBs who measured below average in RAS. As a general rule, however, it tends to have some correlation to success. Thousand yard rushers like Adrian Peterson, LaDainain Tomlinson, and Chris … Continue reading RB Measurements Table

QB Measurements Table

Cam Newton is easily the gold standard for QB athleticism, and RAS is just another metric that backs that up. Guys like Andrew Luck and Carson Wentz don't get their athleticism talked up enough on the other end of that spectrum. As it is, though, relative athleticism using any of our existing metrics simply doesn't … Continue reading QB Measurements Table

OT Measurements Table

Offensive tackle was one that stood out immediately during my studies as one that required a great deal of athleticism. Very few offensive tackles who did not measure above average have done well in the NFL and the majority of those that have found success are those who measured far above the average OT prospect. … Continue reading OT Measurements Table

OC Measurements Table

Center is a position that I haven't been able to show any consistent trends with RAS and success in the NFL. Travis Frederick and Rodney Hudson for instance measured below 2.00 out of 10.00, while Jason Kelce and Alex Mack measured well above average. Still, depending on the type of offense you run it can … Continue reading OC Measurements Table

LB Measurements Table

With over 700 players entered, the linebacker position is one of the most populous in our database. We will eventually be working towards providing a split between pass rushing linebackers (Edge) and off ball linebackers, but for now this is the entirety of combine and pro day data for linebackers from 1999 to 2017. If … Continue reading LB Measurements Table

DE Measurements Table

When I started this project, I had already identified certain trends with players whose relative athleticism rated on the higher end finding success at a higher rate. As with any metric, though, there are outliers and it's the first place people point to when evaluating a metric. Outliers are fine, they prove rather than disprove … Continue reading DE Measurements Table

CB Measurements Table

A one stop shop for all measurements for cornerbacks including Combine and Pro Day data from 1999-2017.┬áRight now it's just one giant table, it will be eventually sortable, filterable, all that happy jazz. For reference, player RAS is included. This table also includes the player's RAS and their PDRAS, so you can see by comparison … Continue reading CB Measurements Table