OC RAS Table

OC #RAS from 1987-present, a shaky correlation with success, but if you like them athletic…


Below is a table containing the entire RAS database for offensive centers, ordered from the highest RAS of 10.00, former Baltimore Ravens 2006 2nd round pick Chris Chester, through the very lowest. Center hasn’t been shown to have the same correlation to NFL success and athletic measurements as the other offensive line positions, suggesting that there is more to the position from a mental level than physical one, but depending on team and scheme you have some who simply favor more athletic linemen.

Player NameYearRASDYRAS
Chris Chester20061010
Will Montgomery20069.979.89
Jake Brendel20169.959.94
Rob Hunt20059.929.94
Justin Burroughs19999.8910
Eric Kush20139.879.89
Spencer Pulley20169.849.83
Roberto Garza20019.819.93
Blake Schlueter20099.789.81
Bill Nagy20119.769.79
Dominic Raiola20019.739.86
Seth McKinney20029.79.93
Scott Jackson

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OG RAS Table

OG #RAS from 1987-present, with the top two spots held by guys who played for the same team


It’s crazy to think that Brandon Broooks and Evan Mathis played on the same offensive line. Hall of famer Steve Hutchinson posted an elite score in his day, and joins a long list of elite athletes who have found success in the NFL. Guard was a position I didn’t expect to have much of a correlation, but it was nearly as strong as offensive tackle was, so keep an eye out for those big movers.

Player NameYearRASDYRAS
Brandon Brooks2012109.98
Evan Mathis20059.9910
Blake Muir20169.979.97
Kristjan Sokoli20159.969.97
Justin Sands20039.959.97
Eric Steinbach20039.9310
David Baas20059.929.91
Ali Marpet20159.919.91
Scott Young20059.99.88
Steve Hutchinson20019.889.96
Connor McGovern20169.879.85
Joe Thuney20169.869.84
Desmond Wynn20129.849.86
Brandon Bulsworth19999.8310

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OT RAS Table

OT #RAS from 1987-present, including several hall of fame worthy elite athletes like Jon Ogden


It probably won’t surprise anyone that highly touted players like Taylor Lewan, Joe Staley, and Robert Gallery once held the prestigious 10.00 RAS (Lewan still holds it), but would you have guessed former 7th rounder Lydon Murtha rates as high? Hall of famer Jonathan Ogden of course rates highly, as does future hall of famers Joe Thomas and Jason Peters. There aren’t many outliers at offensive tackle as the best ones tend to be the best athletes, but they stand out when they find success.

Player NameYearRASDYRAS
Taylor Lewan20141010
Jared Veldheer20109.9910
Lydon Murtha20099.9810
Brian Mihalik20159.979.96
Sebastian Vollmer20099.959.98
Lane Johnson20139.949.96
Joe Staley20079.9310
Robert Gallery20049.9210
Winston Justice20069.919.98
Nate Solder20119.99.9
Jared Gaither20079.899.89
Ryan Diem20019.8810

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TE RAS Table

TE #RAS from 1987-present, so many elite athletes, is your favorite among them?


No position has seen more evolution in the NFL over the past three decades than tight end, and it’s very clear when looking at the draft year RAS of players like Tony Gonzalez. So many players were elite in their day, but wouldn’t stack up against the athletic freaks that come out of college nowadays. The top dog here is former Jets first rounder Anthony Becht, but you’ll find a whole list of great tight ends among the elite athletes here with very few outliers. More than perhaps any other position, elite athletes win at tight ends.

Player NameYearRASDYRAS
Anthony Becht20001010
Jordan Cameron20119.9910
Vernon Davis20069.979.94
Luke Willson20139.969.9
Mickey Shuler20109.949.95
James Hanna20129.939.94
Brad Cottam20089.919.95
Kevin Brock20099.99.9
Coby Fleener20129.889.77
Rob Housler2011

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WR RAS Table

WR #RAS from 1987-present, A pair of Johnsons near the top but many other great outliers


We now have all RAS and draft year RAS for 31 years of receivers. It is ordered from the highest RAS of 10.00, recently retired Detroit Lion and future hall of famer Calvin Johnson, through the very lowest. Future hall of famer Andre Johnson isn’t far behind, and that’s just scratching the surface since there’s more than 1,000 receivers in the RAS database.

Player NameYearRASDYRAS
Calvin Johnson20071010
Matt Jones20059.9910
Joe Webb20109.999.99
Andre Johnson20039.989.98
Moritz Boehringer20169.989.98
Javon Walker20029.9710
Vincent Jackson20059.969.97
Breshad Perriman20159.969.95
Roy Hall20079.959.93
Sam McGuffie20139.949.93
Jeff Janis20149.949.94
Scott Long20109.939.92
Cody Latimer20149.939.93
Julio Jones20119.929.91
Braylon Edwards20059.919.94
Tyrell Williams20159.919.89
Chad Jackson

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RB RAS Table

RB #RAS from 1987-present, Justin Fargas leads 4 of the top 5 as having been 1k rushers


In the top five for RB RAS going back to 1987 we have four 1,000 yard rushers. Justin Fargas wasn’t able to last very long in the NFL due to injuries, but made his mark with the Raiders while he was there. It sucks that we don’t have hall of famer Emmitt smith, and Barry Sanders’ score has a very important asterisk, but we still have Edgerrin James nearly topping the list along with elite scores for LaDainian Tomlinson and Adrian Peterson.

Player NameYearRASDYRAS
Justin Fargas20031010
Jackie Battle20079.999.98
Edgerrin James19999.9810
James Stewart19959.9710
Deuce McAllister20019.969.97
Michael Cox20139.959.93
Chris Darkins19969.949.96
Ryan McCants20129.939.91
Jonathan Stewart20089.929.89
Curtis Keaton20009.919.92
Anthony Allen20119.99.91
Chris Henry20079.899.87
Latavius Murray2013

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QB RAS Table

QB #RAS from 1987-present, Cam Newton is top dog, but where does your favorite QB rank?


Athleticism with RAS always refers to measurable talent based on the drills presented in the combine and pro days. It doesn’t take into account arm strength, Wonderlic, or any other abstract that can be used to measure a quarterback. As such, it doesn’t have as large of a correlation as it does for other positions. Now that we’ve updated RAS to cover more than three decades of players, it’s even more impressive that Cam Newton stands alone atop these rankings.

Player NameYearRASDYRAS
Cam Newton20111010
Josh McCown20029.989.96
Daunte Culpepper19999.9710
Marcus Mariota20159.959.94
Logan Thomas20149.939.94
Blaine Gabbert20119.929.92
Zach Conque20179.99.9
Brett Hundley20159.889.88
Quinton Porter20069.869.93
Robert Griffin20129.859.88
Colin Kaepernick20119.839.85
Tim Tebow20109.819.92
Andrew Luck20129.89.82

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