Download RAS measurements data

The amount of friendly folks who study metrics for the NFL draft is growing each year. From RAS, here, to the always great MockDraftable, and everywhere else out there, we have had a collective effort to gather and study NFL player measurements dating back as far as we can. While there is currently a concerted effort to put something together that is shareable, a place to crowd-source information, it isn’t here yet. That shouldn’t prevent you from getting the data you need to run whatever theory you have on NFL measurements, however, so I’ve loaded the entire gamut into a spreadsheet that can be downloaded. This database has over 8,500 players and rising, with all NFL combine data, pro day information, and when available hand size and arm lengths. It’s a very large file, so I’ve broken it up by grouped positions if you’re having trouble downloading it all.

The Entire RAS Measurements Database

Quarterback/Running Back/Fullback

Tight End/Wide Receiver

Offensive Line

Defensive Line


Defensive Backs

Feel free to download any data you need. If there are any duplicates, please let us know so we can correct it, same with any corrections. Note that our data sourcing mostly comes from, in order of priority, official NFL Combine release, websites such as, School releases, publicly available resources such as open blogs, and in some cases the players themselves. None of our data was gained from any paid site, but compiled from publicly available information or provided privately for the purpose of being included in the RAS database.

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