RAS Request

Are you a player wondering what your Relative Athletic Score is? Are you an agent who is curious how your client measured out? Are you a coach who wants to see where one of your players compares against our more than 30 years worth of data?

Send us a RAS request and we will provide you with your own personalized RAS card. You can do so with or without entering your data into the public database, so no pressure! (See note below on the database)

COVID-19 Note: Due to COVID-19 restrictions, our normal data validation process has been completely compromised. As such, we will not post your requests from my official Twitter account as I had in previous seasons, nor will it be entered into the RAS database at this time. I will still run any request for you, however, and you are free to post the cards from your own accounts. I understand exposure is kind of the point at this stage of the draft season, so should you tag me (@Mathbomb) when you post your own card, I will happily retweet your post.