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RAS is provided free of charge, both the program and most of the data. If you would like to donate, you can help keep this going and help me add new features both in the program and on the site. Donations like these helped give me the support I needed to provide online every player with a qualified RAS, but if we can get more then I may be able to set up the site to allow you to search more dynamically and even run cards of your own directly from the site.


We are currently loading all RAS cards to this site to be viewed online at any time. As of right now, every card from 1987 to 2019 that has a qualified Relative Athletic Score is currently loaded onto the site and viewable! We are in the process of adding 2020 prospects and players from 1987-2019 who did not qualify for a score but had some recorded metrics. Here is where we are right now:

15,500 out of 20,000

77.5% Complete


What is it and where it’s going

Relative Athletic Scores take player measurements and put them on an easy to understand 0 to 10 scale compared to their position group. A final score is then produced which is also on a 0 to 10 score to show overall athleticism for a draft prospect. This data can be used to chart trends over time, showing that overall athleticism is likely a contributing factor to player success in the NFL.

2020 draft season is going to be a very hectic one, but I’m excited to offer a ton of content for you this season both in the regular application available for download and on this site. As the popularity of RAS has been growing, I’ve had to keep one upping myself, and I think you’ll like what I’ve been putting together for the coming seasons.

For now, you can still view any cards I’ve posted on social media by searching my Twitter profile @Mathbomb. You can also download the application itself on Windows or Mac and view whatever you’d like there. You can’t pull up individual cards (Yet!), but you can view the scores at the tables linked below.

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2019 Draft Class RAS Table

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Research Results

NOTE: All research pending 11/17 updates due to large influx of data and introduction of static scores for draft year

How does RAS correlate to draft round?

Ranking the 2017 Draft Class, how all 32 teams fared

RAS Correlation to NFL Sack Production

RAS Correlation to rushing success, pro bowls, yards