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It’s here!

Folks, it’s been a wild one getting this thing put together. I’m not going to spend too much time selling you on an application that is, at its most basic, a link sharing and report writing tool, but I will take this time to thank you for giving me the opportunity to provide this service for the draft community. I think you’re going to like the application and what it can do and I hope that you’ll contribute either in the form of your own draft reports or simply by providing links that the community can benefit from.

Notes on Installation:

Since this was put together rapidly, it is not currently being offered by the Windows Store, or Google Apps, or any of them, so it’s not a licensed application yet. It is, in effect, in beta. As such, there are some important instructions included with the download that you should follow prior to launching the application to ensure it functions properly. If you have any questions or concerns, please direct them to the Scout Hub twitter handle @NFLScoutHub or to Please, if you have any questions or complaints, don’t feel shy to express them. We can only make this better with your help!


Scout Hub