OG Measurements Table

Guard is a position I didn't expect to be very dependent on measurements. As it turned out, it was one of the most heavily dependent positions, and while you can never judge if a player is going to be successful if they do not measure up this is a position you can generally tell when … Continue reading OG Measurements Table

LB Measurements Table

With over 700 players entered, the linebacker position is one of the most populous in our database. We will eventually be working towards providing a split between pass rushing linebackers (Edge) and off ball linebackers, but for now this is the entirety of combine and pro day data for linebackers from 1999 to 2017. If … Continue reading LB Measurements Table

FS Measurements Table

The safety position, both free and strong, are positions where there isn't a clear correlation between strong measurements and NFL success. I know, it sounds the exact opposite of intuitive. Especially since all you ever hear about is how athletic and rangy safety prospects are. It's funny, but prior to running the pro day data, … Continue reading FS Measurements Table

CB Measurements Table

A one stop shop for all measurements for cornerbacks including Combine and Pro Day data from 1999-2017.¬†Right now it's just one giant table, it will be eventually sortable, filterable, all that happy jazz. For reference, player RAS is included. This table also includes the player's RAS and their PDRAS, so you can see by comparison … Continue reading CB Measurements Table

CB RAS Table

Below is a table containing the entire RAS database for cornerbacks, ordered from the highest RAS of 10.00, 2017 OSU prospect Marshon Lattimore,¬†through the very lowest. For now, this is all I can provide as I am still working through the details of preparing a comprehensive lookup, calculator, and compare tool. Feel free to search … Continue reading CB RAS Table